Isaac Pool - two sisters sitting in bed from Ian Swanson on Vimeo.

from the hotelart.us exhibition "Cultural Affair" at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, NYC.

"Cultural Affair"


Chino Amobi

Isaac Pool

Brad Troemel



Documented @ Cosmopolitan Hotel, NYC

Exhibited @ Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY


pop-culture enthusiasts, we have genuine awe. we all want to be our own god, a fashionable mix of modernity with tradition, bodybuilding a personal brand or self-mythology.


do not believe every spirit. our lives are not our own. even false prophets /?have gone out into the world.


Hi, yes. I apologize for not getting back to Johnny right away, i have a bad habit of not checking my e-mails that often. i would love to be involved. when you guys know the specific date of when you would want the pieces sent in that would be immensely helpful so i have an idea of the deadline. much thanks, frances


innate level innate level bard druid cleric ranger sorcererwizard. what is the root of your identity?


it's a fresh-faced issue filled with delightfully trifling ideas, sunny fashions and investigations into painfully relevant matters. They are glamorous but the taste is just foul. it's okay to eat fish cause they don't have any feelings. Aqua seafoam shame and the popular artist on the cover is joined by equally spectacular men, genderless.


I feel like I'm sitting in static. I never understood, never been into capris. but i;m feeling something[found god scene] I was damned by the rainbow and here we are now entertain us.