"Pure Comfort"


Debora Delmar


Casa Maaud, San Rafael, Mexico City

Sadie Halie Projects, Brooklyn, NY


Debora Delmar Corporation is contented to introduce Pure Comfort, our most sumptuous line to date.


Far from city stress, the predominating ambiance responds to the design and the materials selected to capture the energy of the atmosphere. Exceptional interiors, hardwood floors, soothing textures, and Egyptian cottons; body and mind become deservedly dedicated to serenity.

Breeze-blown linens swathed with lavender, a space under no obligation, apart from time, which allows for different expressions of revivification.


Relaxed and carefree, Debora Delmar Corporation sends a visual message of aesthetic perfection.


Exquisite location provided by Casa Maauad in San Rafael, Mexico City.

Exhibited @ Sadie Halie Projects, Brooklyn, NY

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