"This is Goodbye"


Mitchell Charbonneau


Airbnb, Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY


As the sun set over those proverbial hills, my faint eyes watched the orange glow fade into grey mountain tops. I looked back once more, I knew nothing would ever be the same. I told myself, this is goodbye.


From there on out my journey started where it ended. Instead of the long road to self enlightenment, it become a frictionless track paved with a thin plastic. I caught my reflection staring back at me in the veneer; a moment of futility, failure, and complete lack of recognition fell onto me. Still, I took this road to its final end point. A cliff facing another mountain top. I glanced upward at it and smiled with the knowledge that I will never accomplish the feat of exerting my will over that nature. I turned back and headed home.


A process of mimeses presupposed with failure. Urethane expanding into its unnatural form. Carved, sculpted, painted, perfected, the futile task of recreating nature is realized. Flimsy, weak, brittle, bones, sticks, skin. A never ending process of healing.




Urethane rigid foam

Extruded polystyrene rigid foam


Acrylic paint






Brass Grommets


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